Can we schedule posts?

Is this the dek? Where do I put the dek? How do I make an H2? Ah using the WYSIWYG....

Is this the dek? Where do I put the dek?

How do I make an H2?

Ah using the WYSIWYG.

Can we schedule posts?
Where do we put the image credit? Here is a link. Also the featured image is the top image.

It looks like things are autosaving, which is good.

Looks like I might be able to schedule content, but the time zone is UTC?

What does “stick to the top of the blog” mean? HP?

What do the categories map to?

Does “allow comments” correspond to SpotIM, or is that something separate I should ignore?

What about metatitles?

Metadescription? Is that an excerpt?

How do I mark as no-index; no-follow, or give somebody else the canonical?

I wonder what the spacing is like between paragraphs versus between lines of the same paragraph. Here’s a few sentences of text to see what that looks like. Perhaps this is enough now.

What about SEO keywords? Isn’t there a plug-in/widget for SEO things?

Looks like page break may prevent everything below it from displaying.

Here’s a social embed, I hope:

Here’s a caption.

Looks like a pretty big gap after a spotify embed. I wonder if that’s the case for embedding simple songs/episodes.

Yes, same blank space.

“What does a pull quote look like?”

Amy Schellenbaum

Pretty weird/clunky. Looks like it needs at least a certain number of characters to display properly. Quotes are added by user, not by the block.